HVAC air duct and dryer vent cleaning in Arizona are very important routines to have planned in your household. Finding a company to clean your air ducts in Arizona is easier said than done. A LARGE MAJORITY of the companies offering duct cleaning in Arizona are not licensed to do so. Even for the companies in Arizona who do maintain the proper licensing through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors many of them do not follow the standards recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency or NADCA. Any reputable company offering duct cleaning in Arizona should have a National Air Duct Cleaners Association membership. More importantly they should be using the correct equipment in order to execute those guidelines by NADCA and the recommendations of the EPA. Through our research and competitive analysis we to date have only identified a total of 3 companies who use the right equipment and techniques in order to meet those guidelines and recommendations. If you use one of the several hundred companies offering duct or dryer vent cleaning in Arizona you could very well be NEGATIVELY IMPACTING YOUR INDOOR AIR QUALITY!!!



Do not be fooled by gimmicks or enticed by low prices offered by these sub-par companies. You owe to your loved ones and to yourself to have the job done right by professionals who take pride in delivering that promise to you! Our experienced and professional technicians are paid hourly and they are paid well over the average a technician typically makes in this industry. We do this because we would rather deliver a superior product to our customers and a sense of pride and appreciation for our employees. This is how we try to set ourselves apart. Good to our customers, good to our employees. FIRST AND FOREMOST. We figure the rest will follow if we make those our top 2 priorities.


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